Aroma Public Beta

Aroma is a homebrew environment for the Wii U.

If you don't already have EnvironmentLoader running on your console, please follow this guide for installing Tiramisu.

  • Download the following packages and extract them to the SD Card. Overwrite any existing files.
  • Launch the EnvironmentLoader and select "aroma". You may need to hold X while launching the EnvironmentLoader to open the menu.
  • Enjoy :)

Aroma Beta-14 (2023-04-02):

(Download via Base Aroma)
  • Changelog:
    • Fixed loading the correct account when selecting the Wii U Menu or an applet in quick start menu.
    • Adjusted behaviour when booting discs from the quick start menu to match the Wii U Menu.
    • Fixed Wii U Menu save redirection for other accounts than the main account.
    • Changed Wii U Menu save redirection path to include the consoles serial number.

For the full changelog see the Github release page


Before you can download Aroma, please follow these steps:
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More information can be found here: Blogpost | Aroma Environment | Environment Loader | PayloadLoader Installer