Aroma Public Beta

Aroma is a homebrew environment for the Wii U.

If you want to install Aroma to your console, please follow this guide.

Aroma Beta-22 (2024-07-15):

Aroma Updates (Download via Base Aroma)
  • Changelog:
    • Fix potential crash when selecting a quick start title takes more than ~30 seconds.
    • Add patches to allow usage of /dev/dlp (thanks @DaniElectra).
Other updates: (Download via Additional Plugins and Modules)
  • fptiiu Plugin v0.4.3 (Full changelog):
    • Avoid crash after playing a game for 1-2 hours when using ftpiiu without an active network connection.

For the full changelog see the Github release page


Before you can download Aroma, please follow these steps:
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More information can be found here: Blogpost | Aroma Environment | Environment Loader | PayloadLoader Installer